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sponsorships for esports teams & creators
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We partner with players, teams, streamers, YouTubers, influencers and gamers who care about esports as much as we do. We don’t care whether you’re an amateur or a pro, a fresh new team or an established squad.
Our goal with every partnership is to have a mutually beneficial, long lasting relationship.  We want to grow esports into the biggest sport on earth and out personal mission is to set the new standard in esports pro jerseys. 
If you want to join us on the journey to grow gaming and esports into the biggest culture known to man, sign up below...
We regularly select new teams and players to sponsor in their gaming ventures.
Thank you for your submission and we look forward to a partnership with you in the near future.


Track your sponsorship details with our easy to use dashboard...
We've created an easy and fun sponsorship dashboard where you can see you status, rewards, activity, and earnings.


Things we look for in an official END GAME PRO GEAR® sponsor...
Love of Esports, Personality, Professionalism, Skill, Engagement, Manners, Community, Reach


Understanding the END GAME Pro-Fit Edition™ Esports Jersey... 
We encourage you to visit our Esports Pro-Fit Edition™ Jersey page to get an understanding what our product does and why it's an incredible invention for gamers who want to perform well, react fast, last longer and stay comfortable while gaming.


Rewards: Exclusive Giveaways + Discounts + Early Access
*new members start out at bronze 

Rewards: Loot Drops + Large Discounts + Higher Clout Coin Earnings + Shoutouts
*complete all goals to reach silver status 1.5X Clout Coins

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*100k clout coins or 100k IG followers earns instant gold membership

Rewards: Free Jerseys & Merch, Cash Rewards, Full Sponsorship Opportunities
*gold members will have the opportunity to receive Platinum status and Full Sponsorships